Difference between a laptop and a notepad

guest, Dec 25, 11:44pm
a laptop and a notepad I have a tablet but a laptop on sale thought I might change over

guest, Dec 25, 11:48pm
Did you mean notebook, if so no difference.

guest, Dec 26, 12:51am
sorryguess Ididok

guest, Dec 26, 1:29am
Laptop and Notebook are the same thing.
Netbook is a small laptop (>~13") comparable to a tablet. It's getting blurry and there can be a fair amount of crossover between netbook, notebook and tablet.

guest, Dec 26, 10:16am

Laptop = optical drive, large screen & some with separate video card
Note book = all in one motherboard with no optical drive & smaller screen, thinner case.
Net book = smaller version of the note book
Tablet = smaller version of the above.

All the modern thin devices still don't have an optical drive but a few have data access & some with ph call dialing available via std telco sim cards

guest, Dec 26, 10:27am
Nope, that distinction never existed

guest, Dec 26, 10:48am
Some of the Dell business laptops had separate video cards.
I know this because I had the Dell onsite warranty serviceman here to repair a laptop I had.

guest, Dec 26, 11:30am
The name changed from laptop to notebook to discourage people from using on lap to prevent overheating, [blocking air intake] and shortening life of device. I remember reading that a few years ago.

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