HP laptop, 2nd time screen has cracked.

guest, Dec 23, 3:05pm
I have a new HP laptop.A while ago when I opened it I discovered it it was to find that the screen had a crack across it.I can think of absolutely nothing that could have caused it.There is only my husband and I so no kids to damage it.We got the screen replaced.Then this morning when I opened it once again the new screen is cracked!Has anyone else had a problem with HP laptops!

guest, Dec 23, 9:26pm
HP laptops are generally very badly built unless you spend a lot on the high-end models.

guest, Dec 23, 10:03pm
Nothing wrong with HP and probably uses a AU Optronics LCD Panel, used by many Brands of Notebook.
Usually caused by something sandwiched between the keyboard and the screen when closed. Or something put on top of the closed notebook. Another cause can be how the notebook is opened. Lifting from a corner can cause a twisting effect that can, in very rare circumstance, cause a screen to crack. Always open from the centre, especially notebooks with twin locking pins.Very rare for a screen to crack by itself, but it does happen, but for it to happen twice, I would be looking for an exterior force.
Have a think about where it was and how it was left and maybe something will click.Also was the original screen replaced by HP, because that could be costly. You local Computer Shop should be able to do it for around $150 (and that's conservative, i'm sure it could even come in at under $100 depending on model. Shop around.

guest, Dec 23, 10:30pm
"Nothing wrong with HP" - aside from the fact that they have the highest return rate of any manufacturer (for their consumer range).

guest, Dec 23, 10:42pm
And probably because they are the highest seller of that range and returns are usually directly relative to sales. I have seen just as many ASUS, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer as well as Macbooks fail over the years and one brand doesn't fail any more than another. Sure, there a model issue problems, but these are a model versions of a brand and have occurred in all the brands and HP are no worse than the others.

guest, Dec 23, 10:43pm
Yeah sorry, totally disagree. They suck.

guest, Dec 23, 10:57pm
Well, when you have spent over 20 years in the industry, I will accept your opinion with some qualification, until then, I will dismiss it as a know-nothing Wikipedia expert's ramblings. Merry Xmas :-).

guest, Dec 23, 11:19pm
Don't confuse the poor lad with facts!

guest, Dec 23, 11:51pm
Pretty sure failure rates are measured in percentage of sales so volume of sales is somewhat irrelevant.

This was the source I came across awhile ago - a few years old now but hey.

I guess I'm in the HP suck camp too.

guest, Dec 24, 1:04am
And read the disclaimer on that report as to how the data was gathered and you would realise it's a company blowing smoke up its own arse and selling extended warranties, or warranty insurance. I would guess it's in their own interest to rate the most popular seller as the most unreliable, so as to gain more sales.

guest, Dec 24, 1:15am
And here I thought you would shoot me down on the age of the report.

Personally, on the sheer numbers involved, I put more stock in information prepared by this company than a single tech with a confirmation bias

guest, Dec 24, 1:28am
My HP Envy has sucky hinges that pulled out of the bottom of the screen as well as the framing around the screen parting ways.mine just pulled/cracked/parted from just opening up , a horrible crunching sound as you stop part way thru opening, duct taped together looks awesome Not.

guest, Dec 25, 7:16am
Mine has done exactly the same, turned it on one day and a nice crack along the screen, arrghh annoying, until i can save for a new screen.

guest, Dec 25, 7:22am
Certain models of HP (Envy, Pavilion etc) have a recognised fault/weakness in this regard. Log a fault and request that it be repaired under warranty referring to the CGA. I have done heaps under this basis and HP are generally very responsive.

You have nothing to lose by trying.

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