Where to get a ex lease laptop?

guest, Dec 22, 6:21am
I see there is a few places - just laptops, pc traders.Any recommendations! My son would like a laptop for school, but the specs he requires put most in the $500+bracket so thought I'd go ex lease.

guest, Dec 22, 6:38am
pbtech is another

guest, Dec 23, 11:08pm

guest, Dec 23, 11:24pm
I was just about to post that!

guest, Dec 23, 11:25pm
Inkpost have a few.

guest, Dec 25, 5:31pm
Pbtech have a sale starting at 8am today. Saw some cheap laptops on there

guest, Dec 25, 9:51pm
Watch the fees on Grey's online though, They apply a hefty buyers premium on things once the bidding stops and shipping can be exorbitant.

guest, Dec 25, 11:51pm
I second that, + they have free shipping until new year.

guest, Dec 26, 2:06am
Thanks eileenc2 and zak410. My mother-in-law was looking for a replacement laptop and what pbtech had was perfect (laptop and price).

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