guest, Dec 27, 3:01am
The add says "Fast, smart and very affordable. Ready for your first smartphone! The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Neo ticks all the right boxes: a 4???screen, 3MP camera, great easy-to-use apps and fast 3G speeds.At this price this mobile is set up to work on the Spark network only."

NO IT DOESN'T TICK ALL RIGHT THE BOXES. You're out of luck if you want to take selfies - no forward facing camera. When comparing it to another particular camera in the shop, the telecom shop person did not point out this difference. What phone comes without a forward facing camera! Should have read the specs I suppose, but if you specifically ask if there are any differences between certain phones, then you generally believe the "expert".
Left with one useless phone, and a very disappointed daughter (she had harped on about a phone for months!) Aarrrrghh!

Just a warning for others.

guest, Dec 27, 3:18am
Just take it back and get something that will suit her. (maybe a )

Just don't expect miracles at the very low end of the market

guest, Dec 27, 3:28am
It's a $60 smartphone, what do you expect! There's a $1000 difference between that and high-end smartphones for a reason.

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