TV Screen auto dimming

guest, Dec 29, 9:11pm
There seems to be an issue with LCD tvs in that the auto dimming is becoming an issue with many. I have noticed that during the darker scenes of a program, the auto dimming makes the scene even darker. At first I thought it was a fault with my TV but when I got on the net there seems to be a major issue around the world. During a dark nigh scene the auto dim is flicking in and out to the point the program is annoying to watch. Apparently, auto dimming is an "enhancement" that is supposed to keep the black more vibrant, but seems to be achieving exactly the opposite for the user. There is a function to turn off the auto dimming but this has no effect on many tvs.
Has anyone found a solution to this "issue". I have tweaked it as much as possible to no effect.

guest, Dec 29, 9:15pm
What's the TV model!

What you are talking about is usually called 'dynamic contrast' or similar - 'auto dimming' can be something else entirely.

guest, Dec 29, 9:25pm
It's a Sony bravia KDL- 50W800C.

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