Playing MIDI along side MP3?

guest, Dec 29, 9:26pm
Anyone know any software that can allow two separate tracks at the same time!
Ive searched high and low and cant find anything.

Im building a musical tesla coil which is controlled by a MIDI signal, only problem is i want to be able to play the MP3 recording of the song at the same time as the MIDI file going to the tesla coil.

Its impossible to hit both play buttons at the same time and no matter how fast i click the second play button, there will always be a small delay.


guest, Dec 29, 10:48pm
You'll need a sequencer like the free Linux Multimedia Studio, works in Linux , Windows and OSX.

You'll need the right soundfonts to hear the midi play correctly and import the MP3 as a separate audio track.

guest, Dec 29, 11:28pm
I had been looking at FL studio, it seems people are having to write their own MIDI files for each song. Will this create a MIDI from a audio recording automatically! Because this would just be what im after.

guest, Dec 29, 11:48pm
Use two computers side by side!

guest, Dec 29, 11:52pm
How's that supposed to help!

guest, Dec 30, 8:32pm
A low-tech way is to launch both media files from the command line at the same time e.g. The sync won't be perfect but may be good enough.
Alternatively Processing - - can do this and a lot more and is a handy tool to learn for this type of project.

guest, Dec 30, 8:44pm
A long shot! Would the free "Audacity" program work! You can open multiple tracks in that and mix down! Check out the "Tracks" pulldown menu for options.

guest, Dec 30, 8:57pm
Ive just tried that, but it appears Audacity does not play MIDI tracks.

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