Printer scanner

blans, Jan 6, 8:48am
whats your recomendation for moderate home use. Doesnt need to be colour

suicidemonkey, Jan 6, 9:05am
What's your definition of "moderate"! How many reams of paper per month!

This is worth looking at if you just need mono printing:!CatalogCategoryID=z70KBTFxYsgAAAEyiPM8b7WK&ProductUUID=.rEKBTFxJ4sAAAFKpFY5Pi_I&JumpTo=OfferList

$70 = 1200 page toner, $120 = 2500 page toner. Pretty good cost per page.

blans, Jan 6, 9:11am
probably looking at 500 sheets a year at the very most

suicidemonkey, Jan 6, 9:14am
That's light use. However I believe that's one of the cheapest multifunction lasers you can buy.

You'll be better off looking at a decent inkjet like this:!CatalogCategoryID=gs8KBTFx0s4AAAEyi_M8b7WK&ProductUUID=HHIKBTFw4bMAAAFJSZAFOeev&JumpTo=OfferList

Good quality printer, high capacity inks that will last you a year or two.

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