Do I need to renew my Norton

leeran, Jan 9, 9:39pm
anti virus! Or is there a free one which is really safe!

Norton is $59.99 for one yr or 114.99 for 3 yrs.

I've had it for 4 yrs & never had a problem.

harrislucinda, Jan 9, 10:26pm

wasgonna, Jan 9, 10:30pm

neell, Jan 9, 10:45pm
best thing to do with Norton is to uninstall it, you computer will go much faster without it.
Plenty of free ones around.

dee238, Jan 9, 10:47pm
I had Norton and then got ESET.I swear leeran, ESET is 100% better.

r.g.nixon, Jan 10, 12:14am

schizoid, Jan 10, 1:17am
All answers are correct. You don't need a paid anti-virus, let alone Norton.

farside03, Jan 10, 2:43am
If you really want to pay, ESET is the only one worth parting money for in my opinio. Otherwise the main free options are fine too. Panda gets my vote, but there are plenty to choose from.

hakatere1, Jan 10, 3:06am

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