Can you still get answering machines?

rpvr, Apr 29, 2:31am
Can you still get answering machines, or is everyone now using their service provider's system? Have had one of those small Uniden machines doing sterling service for years, but it has just ceased to function. Nothing for sale on here, only as part of a cordless telephone.

kieran211, Apr 29, 2:43am
Did a search on trademe for "digital answering" and it got something. Would say these days people just use their mobiles.

gyrogearloose, Apr 29, 2:45am
There'll be a whole row of Unidens at the shop, the DECT range has good clarity and some have very good range.

rpvr, Apr 29, 2:57am
Yeah, the cordless phones with built in answering machines in their base unit, but not just the answering machine, which is what I am after.

newbie5, Apr 29, 8:15am
try some op shops you might get lucky

Dick Smith,Noell Leeming,Harvey Norman Farmers Briscoes and any of those type of shops sell them.
you could even try your phone supplier shop or online store
you might have to buy a phone with one in it

juliew3, Apr 29, 9:35am
They are usually part of the phone now. eg Some Panasonics cordless have them built in. It should work out cheaper longterm to buy one than use your ISPs service.

hakatere1, Apr 29, 6:56pm
Last time looking in dse was 69 bux for a double remote with speakers and answer-phones. I declined. Wife would leave them everywhere.

mrfxit, Dec 30, 9:01am
LOL, > cough <

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