Do you have an excellent wireless house phone?

mikenel, Feb 12, 9:43pm
I am sick of the rubbish phones you get from the likes of Noel Leeming etc and wonder if you have any recommendations for a great house phone? One that has a great reception and good speaker not the crackling hissy noise emitted by my present one.

newbie5, Feb 12, 9:50pm
If I want to use a wireless phone I use my mobile

mikenel, Feb 12, 9:51pm
The speaker on my Galaxy 4 is worse than the crummy house phone.

gazzat22, Feb 12, 11:08pm
Have you got filters on all your jackpoints or a master one.?

chrise73, Aug 18, 5:22pm
I have only ever purchased cheapies under $40. Never had a problem.

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