Outlook.co.nz and Apple Mail Help

nzman89, Apr 8, 9:40pm
I am trying to set up my outlook.co.nz email into Apple Mail but for some reason Mail is not letting me to do this.
I have tried via the Outlook Exchange Server and setting it up on its own.

I have tried smtp-mail.outlook.com and smtp-mail.outlook.co.nz
Also tried as POP3. Also tried Imap-mail.outlook.com and with .co.nz

If anyone can help me, that would be great.

wayne416, Apr 8, 9:44pm
smtp. not smtp-

kew, Apr 8, 9:46pm
Is there such a beast as "outlook.co.nz"
Isn't it "outlook.com"

nzman89, Apr 8, 9:48pm
you can have outlook.co.nz now.

nzman89, Apr 8, 9:50pm
wayne416 wrote:
smtp. not smtp-[/quote

Thanks Wayne, but no luck.

kew, Apr 8, 9:50pm
Well I'll be buggered. Thanks for the update.

king1, Apr 8, 10:02pm

nzman89, Apr 8, 11:41pm
no luck either. Thanks for your help

king1, Apr 8, 11:44pm
some error messages would be useful about now.

nzman89, Apr 9, 12:02am
it is a server error. unable to connect to server

wayne416, Apr 9, 12:06am
Are you sure your you have a data connection?.

nzman89, Apr 9, 12:35am
yes I am sure, I am using the internet as we speak and I can receive emails using my gmail email.

wayne416, Mar 10, 10:05am

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