Aliexpress/adfocus pop up?

girlgeorgina, Mar 17, 5:32am
did a quick search and didnt find any other threads, though this seems to be a fairly common issue going by google results. i have firefox ad blocker, and it works a treat, but i am getting a persistant "ali express" window opening. i have never bought from the site, and dont think its from them at all, but its a convincingly dressed up fake, thats for sure.
i have googled and tried clearing cache and cookies. was up until around midnight one night re-entering passwords etc on various sites. thought i had got rid of it, but it was back the next day. tried doing the same again using ccleaner yesterday, and its just come back after uploading a photo to photobucket.
currently running MSE with no alerts so far and trying to run malware bytes, but its saying theres a file missing, and i also cant redownload for the same reason.

anyone able to advise on a course of action? it doesnt seem to be causing any issues, its just annoying, lol. not too good with technical words, so simple layman terms are appreciated :)

thanks in advance

king1, Mar 17, 5:50am

girlgeorgina, Mar 17, 5:50am
thanks, king. will try that now :)

ceebee2, May 11, 11:19am
If that doesn't work try removing it from the startup items list accessed through either CCleaner or typing msconfig in the search bar / select "startup" and remove / disable from there.

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