Who can download faster then 1.5Mb per Second

ben313, Apr 28, 3:07am
I'm on vodafone

vtecintegra, Apr 28, 3:22am
Uhh almost everyone

r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 4:42am
ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL, UFB (if so what speed), or Phone (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G)?

schizoid, Apr 28, 10:08am
on ADSL my fastest was about 1.2. Now its around 3 on UFB.

slowenemy, Apr 28, 10:16am
Depends on where in the World im getting my files from, I suppose.
But between 1-5Mbps.
Im on UFB, vodaphone - Dunedin

r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 10:19am
The slowest UFB plans are up to 30Mb/s, depending how good the path to the host you are connecting to is.

sykotik_ninja, Apr 28, 11:04am
Between 1.5 and 3 MB depending on file location. Wireless, VDSL.

I have noticed, the bigger the file the faster the d/load speed.

Also d/loaded a file update for PS4 wirelessly. it took roughly 46 mins to d/load 2.6Gb. Any guru's estimate the speed?

lugee, Apr 28, 2:15pm
Roughly 1MB/s

lucky.gadgets, Apr 28, 3:12pm
. when a b and a B make a big difference

Was at a house the other day that had speed test result of 105Mbps and 20 Mbps upload on residential UFB. Sadly we only get a 1/20th of that despite being connected to the same exchange, as we're rural and UFB is probably many years away ;-(

r.g.nixon, Apr 28, 6:44pm
File sizes aren't measured in bits. Do you mean 2.6GB?

fishb8, Apr 28, 7:27pm
That's what I get105/20.
Even on my office, well away from modem, I'm getting 50/20 on wifi

jon9, Apr 28, 10:25pm
I can get over 1.6 to 1.7Mb on torrents

Vodafone plain ADSL

sykotik_ninja, Apr 29, 12:38am
Cheers for that.

sykotik_ninja, Apr 29, 12:38am
Yup, GB was what I meant. Cheers.

ben313, Apr 29, 5:16am
I bought GTA V from rockstar games website and it took 18hrs ish to download 60GB @ 1.5Mb

r.g.nixon, Apr 29, 5:21am
I calculate 60GB in 18hrs to be 7.6Mb/s.

hayster94, Jan 2, 4:06am
It's hard to tell by that. I downloaded the game too through rockstar social club and the speed would jump all over the place but never get above around 4.5mb/s when I can usually reach up to about 11mb/s. It took me about 6 hours and then glitched and went back to downloading most of it again

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