Tablets, Samsung VS Lenovo?

Samsung seems the go to, but Lenovo apparently is good to.
I'm looking at these too. Same price, but one is 7in one is 8in. Lennovo has better battery. bigger screen.

Just for kids and me to do games on, surf the net etc. Don't need anything high spec. But not crap either, been there got that hat.

geek_coonman, Aug 16, 9:07 am

Have a Lenovo phone which has been very good. Not a Samsung fan as they mess android up to much and have a lot of useless apps installed which you cant uninstall. Both good quality i think with Lenovo slightly ahead in that department.

geek_wayne416, Aug 16, 11:38 am

Lenovo looks good, even has gps. So might come handy if you want to use it for navigation with Nokia Here map.

geek_rz_zone, Feb 14, 3:10 pm

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