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maneqr1, Oct 15, 11:25pm
Have reserved the upgrade but IT guy says not to do the upgrade as there are still too many issues with it! What is the feeling among users here. I can't afford to have down time on computer.

vtecintegra, Oct 15, 11:27pm
Then don't do the update

r.g.nixon, Oct 15, 11:29pm
Windows 7 is supported until 2025. Reconsider again *before* the end of July next year, which is when the upgrade becomes no longer free.

zeus25, Oct 16, 12:16am
Updated to Windows 10, first shut down icon would not work, then all icons on desk top disappeared, reverted back to Windows 8.1, whenever I tried to use updates Windows 10 tried to download itself. Eventually had to go to Microsoft online to solve the problem.

suicidemonkey, Oct 16, 12:17am
Every single issue I've heard of is from people who have upgraded instead of done a clean install. I did a clean install and zero problems, best OS they've ever released.

r.g.nixon, Oct 16, 12:20am
Yes, that is a good point. If your Windows 10 upgrade has completed, and shows as activated - AND if you still have problems - . ensure all your important files are backed up, to restore later; and do a clean install of Win 10 (no key code required).

maneqr1, Oct 16, 1:50am
Wonderful information - thanks so much. suicidemonkey, great suggestion - clean install. I'm currently running on Windows 8.1 and have no issues with it. Will discuss further with IT chap. Again, thanks for your help. :)

socram, Oct 16, 4:07am
Can you clarify for this dumb oldie exactly what you mean by 'a clean install'? Especially important on an existing, well established system even on Windows 8

My gut feeling at the moment is to go for a new PC anyway and I now prefer to get one built by PB Technologies to my specs. Do they now come with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

My concern is always that much of the older software may not work too well on later systems. A case in point is Dragon voice recognition system.

Data files are often easily backed up OK but simply reinstalling say Office 2013 after some hiccups, wipes out all Outlook settings, contacts, emails etc., which aren't the easiest things to keep backed up.

suicidemonkey, Oct 16, 4:14am
A clean install is achieved by wiping the hard drive and installing a fresh new copy of Windows. Typically this method comes with far less chance of hiccups but it does take a bit more effort as all files and programs need to be backed up first. But you will have a computer that will usually perform a lot better.

vtecintegra, Oct 16, 4:23am
The trouble is how 10 was released this wasn't possible - you needed to upgrade a Windows 7/8 install, activate and then wipe everything and start again.

As of the latest built MS has relaxed things slightly so you should in theory be able to do a clean install of 10 using the 7/8 product key

suicidemonkey, Oct 16, 4:32am
I just downloaded the official ISO. Haven't actually activated it yet, "trial mode" doesn't seem to expire.

vtecintegra, Oct 16, 4:35am
Unless you're in the insider programme and are happy to get early builds then yes it will expire

frogycrzy, Oct 16, 4:57am
if u r still wanting to do a update to win 10 get this one from net its in iso form .

do a upgrade so it activates your bios info then when u r ready trash your drive and do clean install.
oh don't forget to back you files up.

when it asks for a key just skip it both times
also during setup turn all junk items off like shareing your wifi key with contacts and all other junk.
you wont get cortana as its not supported yet hear.

ps this is a legit way.
u don't need to b a insider for this setup and will never exp.
now after its all setup and your programs install go on net and it should auto activte.
then goto google and look for this program.
Destroy Windows Spying.exe
you should be able to get hint as to what it does.

if u download a esd file hear the program to decrypt it.
ESD decrypter for Windows 10

suicidemonkey, Oct 16, 5:30am
I've had it running since launch day. that's at least a couple of months.

socram, Oct 16, 7:09am
Thanks. That is what I thought.

Forgive me for being dumb, but buying a new computer will probably mean Windows 8.1 pre installed. I thought that the Windows 10 was only a downloaded upgrade not available on disc, so I am not sure how you then install what is an operating system if you have wiped the disc? Sorry, but I am still confused.

r.g.nixon, Oct 16, 7:22am
Anyone can download a Windows 10 ISO, and burn to DVD, or add to a bootable USB drive. Install from that if you have a valid Windows 7/8/8.1 key code.

ianab, Oct 16, 7:34am
New machines will be coming with Win10 pre-installed and you will either get restore media or be able to make your own recovery disk.

But there is likely still Win8.1 machines in the supply chain, that you can upgrade yourself.

As other have said, a clean install is better as you don't import any problems that have developed in the old 7/8 installation.

To do a clean install you can download the ISO (DVD image) from Microsoft. From that disk you run the "Setup", and find the option to do a clean install. This will do a Win10 activation using the existing Windows activation, but then wipe the old version of Windows and set you up with a clean installation.

Obviously doing this with a vital system isn't recommended. If you can't be without the machine, leave it alone, and get Win10(or 11) when you eventually replace it. The upgrade usually goes OK, but it's a major change to the system, and something could go wrong. It will be fixable, but it may take a bit of messing about.

black-heart, Oct 16, 7:44am
99% of upgrades work fine. i have at least a dozen client s who have no plan to upgrade. 7 does everything they require and their software, they have been advised (by the vendor) is not supported to run on 10.

springgrove, Oct 16, 7:51pm
DONT DO IT No end of issues. Argggghhhh

Anyone in ChCh know of good tech to take computer to. Having issues.

wayne416, Oct 16, 8:32pm
Save your stuff and do a CLEAN INSTALL, only way if you have had 10 more than a month as you cant go back to 8.1.

springgrove, Oct 16, 11:53pm
Yes I know, had the Microsoft tech guy on the phone to help. Great, up and running only to find all e-mail contacts and saved messages poof gone. Did a reset with transfer of files. Created new user account and still slow. Just annoying. and time consuming to try and get this back to what it was. Useable. !

b.chapman, Oct 17, 12:39am
I have tried to upgrade my machine via download, DVD burnt from ISO and USB burnt from ISO and only get the death cycle.
I have found out that the problem is that I have an Intel G3258 CPU - it is officially NOT compatible with Win 10. There is a complicated work-around available on Google but too hard for me.
So I will wait till MS come up with an update or look for another budget CPU that will work with Win 10.

wayne416, Oct 17, 1:30am
A reset is NOT a clean install.

springgrove, Oct 17, 9:31am
Yes I realise that. !

treachug, Oct 17, 10:13am
Try Dragon PC - they will help you out

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