Can anyone recommend Computer Tech in Levin? :)

midimiss, Mar 12, 7:24am
Hi All. My Mum is visiting from Levin and her slowwww laptop is driving her crazy! It is 2 years old, Compaq, running Windows 7.
The only things she uses it for, is Email and Facebook. I am not savvy enough to help, but as it takes anything from2 to 5 minutes to do anything, I suggest she finds someone who can! Can anyone recommend a person / Business in Levin that I can refer her to when she gets home? Much appreciated:)

cookee_nz, Mar 13, 7:51am
Try alloverit, (, they used to be the kapiti/horowhenua geeks on wheels techs and now a new company, they may still cover the area and will come to her rather than having to take it in. Just sounds like typical PC clutter and should only need a tune-up check (malware scan and cleanup). Hth

midimiss, May 18, 4:20am
Thanks for info:) Will definitely check them out! Much appreciated.

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