System upgrade

ianalice1, Mar 7, 1:07am
Hi guys.
I have an aged HP a6140a (
ocument/c01080578) computer running, dreaded Vista and 3 Gb's ram.
Would dearly love to be able to upgrade to Win 7 (pro), but I an seriesly unwel and don't have much dosh.
Does anyone know of a, kindly computer tech that could help?
I'm in Papamoa Beach area.
I know we should upgrade, but can't.

r.g.nixon, Mar 7, 1:18am
You don't *need* to upgrade - well I don't see any reason given. Vista and 3GB are very adequate for the vast majority of purposes.

mr_lovebug, Jun 12, 8:52pm
Okay, I just had one of those on my bench, it has a dual core chip, 1.6 ghz 1 meg cahce at 800 fsb.

I changed that out to a e4400 which is a 2ghz 2 meg cahce 800 fsb

Made the thing fly, nicer to use, keep it on vista with 3 gig ram.
Check the hard drive, they can die and make the system slower.

That's all I did, swap the hard drive and cpu chip.

Hope that is a good help for you.

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