Enlarged icons and print

invercoll, Sep 20, 9:32pm
All of a sudden my Windows Xp has sent my icons and print into jumbo mode. How do l get it back to normal size? l have tried Properties and a few other things but my brain has gone Awol at present. Would appreciate some sage advice.
Thank you!

r.g.nixon, Sep 21, 1:01am

invercoll, Sep 21, 3:19am
R G Nixon you are a star. Thank you so very much. l had ventured that far but didn't have the confidence to actually make the change. All back to normal now taht l followed the instructions.

r.g.nixon, Sep 21, 3:40am
Oh, I hadn't read you question fully.
Now for some sage advice.

invercoll, Sep 21, 8:11pm
Touche! Reread after your comment. l now have options!

lefty1234, Oct 24, 4:27pm
or you can just right click the desktop screen and press VIEW.

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