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karenz, May 15, 11:32pm
I am going to be staying at a place which does not have it's own landline and is too far away from the property owner's place to access theirs (it is a separate cottage on their property). The problem is that I have to be able to receive and send emails as well as calls and txts on my cellphone. I have been been advised how to set my phone up as a router which I have done and have connected it to the laptop (I have a Galaxy Note II and Windows 7 on my laptop and I also have a Galaxy S Notebook), will this overcome the non access to wifi or is there something else I could be doing, I will be working from home a lot and need the internet.

d.snell, May 16, 12:05am
Mobile Hotspot will be fine, it's just any data used will be charged to your phone account, so it'll be expensive relative to landline broadband. Depending on the location, you may be able to increase the range of the owner's Broadband to include the cottage, but that would really depend on your length of stay, how much you want to spend and how the owner feels about it. But it could be done.

karenz, May 16, 12:40am
Thank you, I will be staying there about 8 weeks, the cottage is a fair way from the main house so I don't think expanding the range will be an option. Will I also be charged for data to be able to use my cellphone, or is that covered by 3G or 4G or whatever is available out there?

d.snell, May 16, 1:19am
to use your phone for talking and texting will depend on your plan and not use data. Data will be used if you start browsing on your phone or by anything that uses via the hotspot.
What you need to do is approach your mobile provider and get a suitable plan, also you want them to notify you if your data usage is getting close to your allowance, and to make sure they don't ever allow you to exceed this as once over your allowance, the charges for overage data are totally obscene.
Make them stop that happening, put the ball in their court to stop it, don't let them put that responsibility on you because their figures aren't that accurate and up to date and they are always playing catchup.

rz_zone, May 16, 1:20am
Make sure you disable windows update and what not, as it will chew up your mobile data.

tintop, May 16, 1:23am

Both the last two posts. :)

karenz, May 16, 1:24am
Thanks everyone I will do all that, it turned out I was not properly connected to the server here properly on my cell and was constantly getting close to using up all my mobile data, I rang Spark many times to try and sort out the problem and they were not at all helpful, I think part of it was the language barrier, as pleasant as the staff were we could just not convey information to each other successfully, finally solved it by coming on here.

d.snell, May 16, 1:29am
Agreed, I would change how to manage updates (set it to "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them") and take the notebook to where you could get free wireless or even up to the owner's house, if a friend, and down load and update them while there. Same goes for AV if third party.

shinedog, May 16, 2:10am
I've found Skinny really great for mobile data, good plans, they use the Spark network with good coverage and the Skinny data just stops when you reach your limit.

tintop, Nov 19, 8:21pm
Ho Ho Ho - Yes, a common fault with the large ISP's.

I once tried to explain a noise on my phone line to a Vodafone call centre based in Egypt. My vision of an electric fence was a few posts and a bit of white tape. Hers was electrified barbed wire, watch towers, flood lights and guards with guns.

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