Wifi dropping off .

My Dell Inspiron 15 drops off the wifi connection when on battery. I have no trouble if I use the power all the time but it's a blimin nuisance.
Help please and thank you !

geek_mike16, Aug 5, 8:00 pm

Look at your power settings. We had one here that was dropping connections, it turned out to be the auto channel, switched it to manual and it's fine. Sounds like the power settings in your case.

geek_jhan, Aug 6, 10:06 am

Do I go to power settings thru control panel?
I'm not too sure what you mean, sorry !

geek_mike16, Aug 6, 10:01 pm

Yes, through the control panel.

Look at the advanced options. There may be something there like "turn off network card when not in use" (to save power). So if you don't do anything for 5 mins it shuts off the wireless, then when you need it, it has to reconnect.

Disable that, you loose 10 mins of battery time, but you stay connected.

geek_ianab, Mar 18, 10:25 pm

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