Cannot log into Kiwibank on my desktop

but I can get through in my laptop. Connections fine. Kiwibank tell me it is not locked so it must be my programming on the desktop which is W/D XP Home edition 2004.
Been logging in fine until yesterday. Any ides thanks.

geek_greenforde, Jun 13, 12:26 pm

so what does it do, or not do.
error messages? details?

geek_king1, Jun 13, 12:49 pm

XP is old and unsupported - you will see more and more secure sites fail to load as admins properly secure their systems. Time to retire your desktop.

BTW here are the details of the config they're running

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 13, 1:08 pm

Clear the cache of whatever browser you are using (you may need to Google that), make sure cookies are not accidentally disabled, re-boot your PC and tray again

geek_smoothjazz, Jun 13, 1:16 pm

That won't help.

You could try installing Firefox as it used its own security provider (not the obsolete one built into XP)

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 13, 1:40 pm

Thanks a million you guys especially vtecintegra Firefox worked

geek_greenforde, Aug 24, 4:53 am

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