Sli gtx 680 or 1 gtx 980

karl.nic, Feb 22, 1:45am
Starting to get lower fps than i would like on new games running 1440p. Currently have a 4Gb version of a 680 so i am not sure if adding another one would improve my fps over a single 980. Anyone tried both?

honeysacat, Feb 22, 2:19am
Wait for R9 390X, shouldn't be too much longer.

lostdude, Feb 22, 2:22am
Single 980, although it's kinda hard to determine what kind of a difference you will see given that you haven't stated any specifics. And AFAIK, the 4GB version of the 680 required identical cards to SLI, so good luck with finding one in a timely fashion.

karl.nic, Feb 22, 2:28am
Sorry, running a 3960X with 16Gb 2133mhz ram, gtx 680 evga classified, kinda having a hard time finding another classified version although i can easily get a ftw version which is still 4GB but runs at a slightly lower clock.

karl.nic, Jul 18, 11:07am
wonder what that 390x will cost?

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