Problem with Canon LBP3370 laser printer

rpvr, Jun 8, 9:57pm
I bought one of these cheap on here, so expected some issues. It was printing with a black line down the edge, so after some research it appeared the toner cartridge needed replacing. I obtained an aftermarket cartridge and it is now printing perfectly, but is giving the error message "1H CHK TNR CONN". Canon's website states that this is usually the cartridge not seating properly, and to remove it and reinstall. Done this several times with no change. Put the old cartridge back in and the error goes away. Any suggestions? As it's printing well, should I just ignore it? I have cleaned the contacts both in the printer and on the cartridge (wiped with alcohol).

chito, Jun 8, 10:12pm
You could try pulling off the memory IC on the old cartridge and putting it on the new one.

rpvr, Jun 8, 10:22pm
Do you just prise it off? I'm a bit scared of breaking it.

rpvr, Sep 4, 10:05pm
Never mind, I worked it out - and it worked. Many thanks, that's something else I've learned.

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