PC boot problem - memory

PC has 4GB DDR3 12800 1600Mhz. Pc boots, no beeps. swap memory for 1333Mhz and the PC boots in a loop. If the memory is removed the PC will beep twice. But why boot lop with a lesser rated memory stick. PC is Dell Inspiron D06S. I cleared the bios, checked with combinations of hardware removed, no display. tried a graphics card and till no screen. Swapped out PSU still no display. Any ideas what to test next? I am goingto run a PCI diagnostics card in te PC after I post ehre but I am not sure how to use the codes it provides.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 12:33 pm

check the memory specs for the machine, maybe it doesn't support 1333Mhz

geek_king1, Aug 9, 12:52 pm

Hi, I just finishsed checking Specs manual. Memory is compatible up to 1600Mhz. Manual reads: Speed \ up to 1600 MHz.
Capacities 2 GB and 4 GB
Configurations supported 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, and 8 GB
Minimum 2 GB
Maximum 8 GB

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:13 pm

I left the PC PSU on and the PC off and removed the CMOS jumper to clear the CMOS. When I took the CMOS jumper off and put it back onto the Default pins the PC powered on without me pressing the power on button. Still no display.
If I reseat the CPU the PC boots no loops.
I am going to look for reflashing bios instructions. I think this PC lost power. The lady told me she was not sure if she turned the power off before she went away and when she came back from a few days away the PC and power was off.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:22 pm

You shouldn't move components with the PSU on.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 9, 1:37 pm

Correct. Maybe becasue I think the motherboard is stuffed.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:37 pm

Find the instructions for your diagnostic card.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 9, 1:39 pm

Well this is interesting, The blue power button is steady on and the LED below the Power On Led is flashing every 2 or 3 looks like 3 seconds. I will check the manual for this.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:40 pm

Right, will do.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:41 pm

Well, this is the HDD LED. I already removed the power and data leads for the both the HDD and the Rom drive and there was no change in the boot patterns but had not noticed this HDD LED flashing before.
So I removed the HDD data and power cables and the HDD blue LED still flashes every 3 seconds.

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:43 pm

I can not use the diagnostics card because the PC does not have a PCI slot. It has a PCIx16 and a PCIEx1 slot.
I cam not reflash the bios either because the bios can only be run from the desktop and the bios file will install only the Dell PC

geek_olack, Aug 9, 1:52 pm

Please tell me you are doing this as a favour to someone, and not as a professional job.

To be not particularly helpful, it sounds like the motherboard is dead.

geek_schizoid, Aug 9, 1:55 pm

Yes, pretty sure the board is dead and that somehow the power flicked off when the people were away. This may be the thrid of fourth time I has seen this pattern. Thanks for your help.

geek_olack, Mar 9, 11:06 pm

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