How much has your computer cost?

The computer I'm using now is up to $83.50 (excludes monitor, keyb, mouse).
Purchased for $1.50, repaired, and several upgrades. Now with SSD, HDD, 4GB of RAM. [Edit: excludes HDD which might have been about $70].

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 6:24 pm

More than that. You can do things extremely cheap, if you know where and how to look, and have patience. It's hard to put my own PC into $, because it's been a continuation of parts, ever evolving.

geek_schizoid, Mar 8, 6:33 pm

My latest buy was $1.50. Was meant to be a 1GB RAM stick, but due to a stuff up he threw in two more!

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 8, 7:02 pm

This Dell cost me about $15 but the ram in it now came from a dead box that cost about $8 also with good hard drive and DVD writer. I have an identical one in to this the other room that cost $6 and just needed the CPU reseated properly to work. I scored a whole bunch of "dead" machines for $12 a few months ago that just needed some TLC and time to get 4 of them up and running which are now in regular use somewhere in the house.

I love an excuse to play with things that keeps them out of the land fill.

geek_morticia, Mar 8, 7:23 pm

Got about 4k into my current rig but my spare PC after it's final upgrade probably had about 15-20k chucked at it over it's life. i'm all for budget builds but in reality they are never gonna handle high intensive games.

geek_monsieurl, Mar 8, 8:05 pm

Not everyone plays PC games. As long as son can use his FlightSim & Acc pack glitch free, it's all good. The rest of us don't bother with games or use the PS3.

geek_morticia, Mar 8, 8:08 pm

4k including monitor as it sits currently.

Won't be long before the graphics card gets replaced.

geek_stevexc, Mar 8, 8:09 pm

Granted! At the end of the day you get what you pay for and if web-browsing and a few low level games is what you use your PC for then that's all good, me, i play some graphic intensive games and use some pretty high C/GPU using programs with 1080 on 3 screens so no budget computer would ever suit me.

geek_monsieurl, Mar 8, 8:57 pm

Probably 10k - 20k.
There is not much, possibly nothing left of the original circa around 2000, but it's hard to gauge where the old computer ends and the new one starts.
Replacement value of the current setup now is probably about $600.

geek_oclaf, Mar 8, 9:02 pm

lol I'd love the ability to have high end stuff, but then I'd have to find a use for it and I just know I wouldn't do it justice, a bit like driving a Lambo 300 metres up the road to buy milk.

geek_morticia, Mar 8, 9:07 pm

My editing computer and monitor is worth over $6000

geek_suicidemonkey, Mar 8, 9:39 pm

That's the tricky question. I first bought my PC in 2010 and upgraded it incrementally over the last few years. No piece is original anymore. The most drastic change would be when I upgraded the motherboard, CPU and RAM. Maybe you could call it a new computer then?

geek_schizoid, Mar 9, 12:58 am

Who knows, it's been around for years in various forms.
The graphics card got replaced last year - $800 (Trade), the keyboard replaced this year.
As it is a gaming PC my parts tend to be a bit more high end.
The case was $800 when I changed that last. Coolermaster CX Diamond with all the extras.

The oldest bit would be the optical drive, must be coming up 7 years now.

geek_lythande1, Mar 9, 7:54 am

Does what I need it to & has been very reliable for nearly 4 years now on 1 o/s install.
3 other ppl used to "borrow" it from time to time till I put an admin password on it.
Also runs a few other networking jobs

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 9:02 am

Mine cost $16. (what I paid for the usb wifi plugin). got it off the junkpiles Auckland 4 years ago . laser mouse. led screen. keyboard. it was thrown out because the operating system wouldnt boot. formatted the drive and installed a legit op system someone gave me. its run like a dream since. streams everything fine. p4 3ghz. Over the years ive had over 30 pcs . got them all off the junkpiles. fixed alot of them up and gave them away for free to folk more needy with young kids. never sold any of them.

geek_phalanax, Mar 9, 9:05 am

$6300, this one. On the other hand I sold the one it replaced for $2700 recently so not too bad.

geek_tillsbury, Mar 9, 4:44 pm

It was a referb so a bargain at $2800 :)

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 9, 5:13 pm

Yea same with mine.
Skt 775 3.4ghz single core 4gb ddr2 on XP

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 5:43 pm

Some of you running older computers forget about power efficiency and power costs. You might have a computer that cost you under $80 but it'd likely be using up to 300 watts to load up a website when you factor in modern web pages require more more computation which push older cpu's to 100% cpu usage coupled with older PSU's of only 60% efficiency (which drops even more as they age - capacitors drying up)

An older computer could be using 3+ times more power to do the same thing as an entry level modern computer. Over a year that could be costing you $100 in higher power bills. Over a few years, there's the price of a modern computer.

There are many alternative low cost computing solutions which use far far less electricity than an old clunker of a desktop. Raspberry pi's can be had for as little as $25 USD, one of those new windows 8 tablets with the intel atom cpu's for $100, a usb stick style computer that plugs in via hdmi for around $60, a cheap low cost smartphone with hdmi output, all these can be plugged into a computer screen or tv with hdmi input.

geek_lucky.gadgets, Mar 9, 5:47 pm

Considering most ppl would be putting a new efficient computer on credit each time they upgrade, then the costs associated with that would far outweigh any extra energy used.
Also the average person would never use even 30% of a new computers performance.
Even mine would only be running at about 50% at it's highest loading.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 5:54 pm

For the average joe bloggs, It's very much in the same boat as buying a new car every 5 years on revolving credit/ finance

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 5:55 pm

Actually now you made me remember a power test I did 3 years ago with 1 of those portable consumption testers.
My computer
Wifes computer
3 other computers owed by various sons including some laptops

Mine was the cheapest desktop to run on an hourly basis.
The laptops were a close 2nd to my desktop computer

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 5:59 pm

This whole power consumption business is very much a personal interpretation until you USE a power tester on each device.

CRT tv's verses LCD tv's are another kicker where everybody says that LCD tv's use a lot less power then a CRT tv

What they don't take in to account is that the LCD tv has a LOT BIGGER screen then the older CRT tv it replaced.
In the end they both use about the same amount of power when comparing something like a 29" CRT & a 50" LCD

The same applies for a lot of other modern tech replacing older tech.
More bells & whistles then before.

geek_mrfxit, Mar 9, 6:05 pm

Hardly $1000 (USD), excluding screen and peripherals of course. But everything I bought was used or refurbished, except the RAM and graphics card.

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1660 (ES version, same as i7-3960X, unlocked), ~$300 shipped from eBay.
Motherboard: Elitegroup X79, ~$150 shipped from China.
RAM: 4 x 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz, ~$60, bought when RAM was dirt cheap.
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 290, ~$280 shipped from eBay.
HDD: 512 GB Crucial MX100 SSD, ~$200 shipped from eBay.
Case, PSU, cooler, etc.: Leftovers from my previous PC built 5+ years ago, so basically free.

I know it's far from the cutting edge these days, but it has no noticeable bottleneck (i.e. weak link), does everything I need, and plays every game perfectly fine at 1920 x 1200 resolution.

geek_tail_red, Mar 9, 7:56 pm

Sounds nice. So that's a 16/10 screen? What size?

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 7:59 pm

It's a 24" Dell U2412M - probably the cheapest IPS screen of its time, but it's actually quite good in terms of color accuracy and sharpness. The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of HDMI input, because DisplayPort still isn't popular enough.
I like 16:10 better because I don't have to go full-screen when watching videos, so I can see the time and IM alerts, etc. on the taskbar.

geek_tail_red, Mar 10, 12:58 am

lol, I bought a cheap new $70ish 9 inch(apparent screen size in hand more like a 20+ inch monitor) multicore tablet computer thingy on trademe, that has built in keyboard/mouse/touch(with OTG option of course); that's 100% portable; plays all my music,podcasts,movies; lets me read books(like a book)/scribble/note take on them; browse the web, play piano, skype, conveniently game, take hd video/photos; gives me developer options to create apps for etc etc - it's superior to my $1500 desktop in many ways.

geek_marzuka, Mar 10, 2:37 am

Not bad displays especially for the price. Re DisplayPort vs HDMI - DispayPort is standard on office gear, HDMI is only on home stuff.

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 10, 7:53 am

What about the operating system? That is the spanner in the cheapy pc works.
I am impressed at getting a solid state drive for nothing though.
Hope I encounter a free one.

geek_kanny2, Mar 10, 11:50 am

My free SSD was courtesy of a $100 free credit - once per month draw among Paradigm PC's mailing list subscribers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 10, 1:26 pm

"Most people"? What idiot would put a computer on credit, unless it was a business expense lease for tax purposes?

geek_tillsbury, Mar 10, 2:06 pm

In this day and age - a lot.

geek_king1, Mar 10, 2:10 pm

Got 3 iMac G-5s Powerbooks, 2 ipads Wacom tablets but its work.
Maybe $15K.
They are usually going at once.
Want the new mac Pro + 2 screens so that will be $7K.
Got heaps more invested in camera stuff.
its a way of life.

geek_nzdoug, Mar 10, 8:49 pm

pretty much get free desktops and laptops from work or others,
Used to buy computers and laptops, but when you can get decent ones for free , couple of years old regularly, I don't bother for what I do, no gaming or high graphics etc.

geek_christin, Mar 10, 11:24 pm

Dear r g nixon,

Please stop putting these impure ideas in my head. I have had many months now of not being told off by my wife for buy computer parts I don't need or use. Having two happily operating PC's I have not been able to justify upgrading them further, and given their fully operational state, no need for more PC's.

However, thanks to you and your irresponsible posts, I now have to go buy a $2.00 computer and see how cheaply I can upgrade it of a 'functional' machine.

You sir, are a naughty man. If I get divorced it's your fault.


geek_cafc2012, Mar 11, 10:00 am

Tell her you will give the resulting computer to a deserving charity - maybe Family First, as they are pro-marriage.

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 11, 10:51 am

Mine's about to cost another $2500 in the middle of April. :-)

geek_tillsbury, Mar 11, 11:26 am

What a bout it?
That gets upgraded same as parts do, eventually.

geek_lythande1, Mar 11, 12:29 pm

The Gopro camera editing software does not like older computers (5 year) if you want to edit at the higher definition settings. I read that 32GB RAM and an 8 core processor were advisable from a user although on the Gopro website they do not specify a computer of such high spec.

geek_cassina1, May 30, 9:00 pm

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