Coax Cable

jancemord, Apr 17, 6:22am
Where can I get a male to male adapter from - The outlet plate on the wall is female and the input on the freeview decoder is female - I think this is what I need - found one at Jay car just wanted to confirm

ryanm2, Apr 17, 6:42am
any basic electronic store or even hardware store should carry them. Prices will vary depending on who is ripping how much. Should be $1 or less. Jaycar will certainly carry them.

jancemord, Apr 17, 7:17am
But am I down the right path haha

spyware, Apr 17, 8:28am
You want a RG-6 coaxial patch lead with a male Belling Lee on each end. Best to make your own with a crimping tool using F-type connectors and F type to Belling Lee adapters.

greghale, Apr 17, 10:18am
jaycars. http://www.jaycar-

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 17, 9:18pm
Rubbish. If it's a one off there is no way it is viable to make your own. Just buy one off the shelf.

ryanm2, Feb 8, 2:17pm
Spyware often writes techno garble just to confuse people - he must enjoy it as he does it often.

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