IPad won't Remember Passwords

Anyone know what the trick is to getting an iPad to 'remember ' a password- such as for Trade Me?

geek_johnhb, Jul 1, 1:54 pm

Bottom left corner you will see it is in "private" mode. Switch that off, and it should return to normal.

geek_cat286, Jul 1, 2:03 pm

Thanks cat286 but bottom left corner of ?what? / which screen? Can't see the word 'private' or 'mode' anywhere? cheers

geek_johnhb, Jul 1, 2:38 pm

geek_cat286, Jul 1, 4:26 pm

I'm a bit lost, cat286. That allowed me to turn private browsing on or off but are you saying that will help the iPad remember the TradeMe password? I didn't have private browsing on when the problem was there and it doesn't seem tohave made any difference?. Apple couldn't help so they've escalated it up a level to try and find a solution. Thanks for your input though!

geek_johnhb, Jul 3, 5:15 am

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