Stuck cd

i have a hp 20 desktop with cd stuck in back of pc can open but cd dosen't come out. can anyone help please

geek_keith29, Jun 4, 3:19 pm

uncurl paper clip and push into the tiny hole

geek_roseyglow, Jun 4, 7:39 pm

Take a very large glass of Burbon and 25 Panadol first.

geek_moltenfire, Jun 4, 10:43 pm

you may have to remove the drive, then use the paper clip idea to open it, then shake the living crap out of it
if that fails, grab a screwdriver

geek_skin1235, Jun 5, 3:18 pm

Use a hammer.
They fix anything for good.

geek_fifi21, Sep 14, 10:05 am

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