A laptop shop in Auckland City

olack, Mar 3, 3:21am
I need to take a laptop to a shop so I can test a keyboard before buying it. Can anyone tell me of a laptop shop in Auckland selling HP laptop keyboards. I need to test 496771-001 in a HP CQ60.
The problem with the laptop is, the laptop beeps during boot crazily for something like 40 beeps with a instant break between then 10 beeps before starting up and when the laptop is in Vista the operating system windows power button and the arrow to its right flicker constantly. If I remove the keyboard no beep and the operating system buttons do not flicker. If use an external keyboard no beep. If I press a keyboard key during boot during the beeps the laptop starts up ok.

hakatere1, Mar 3, 3:21pm
If I were the other shop, I would see you as opposition. So prolly not. Might have to buy same model with same kb. Cheers

d.snell, Jun 19, 4:58pm
What fee would you be prepared to pay to test keyboard? $45 sound OK? Also, if it was the keyboard that was at fault, would you buy the replacement from the shop at their genuine spare recommended retail price of $109.24?

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