Telecom text messages not sending

Anyone else having this issue? I can call and use data. I have lots of credit but no texts are sending.

geek_spraggles, Feb 11, 7:41 am

There's a fault with Spark's network at the moment. Unknown cause, but techs are working on it.

geek_d.snell, Feb 11, 7:52 am

Im having toubles with my phone too, I can text but takes AGES to send and when I call it says my phone set up incorrectly df is doing the same

geek_mummyto2gurls, Feb 11, 7:52 am

Yep ongoing issue today with various problems.

Some ppl can call but not text.
Some can text but not call
Some can receive texts & call but not send & vise versa

Oddly enough we lost fiber BB last night for a few hours but of course thats a totally different system to ph's

geek_mrfxit, Feb 11, 7:55 am

geek_boots0016, Feb 11, 7:58 am

I have no data connection on my work laptop, but a Spark phone sat right next to it seems to be working fine (including data) so it's definitely broken for some but not all customers

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 11, 8:06 am

geek_mrfxit, Aug 24, 9:22 pm