NetFlix and Vodafone

I am a Vodafone customer and I see that they will be offering free Netflix for 6mnths. Just wondering how much will Netflix cost each month after that? Anyone signed up? Thanks

geek_martha08, Apr 5, 7:04 pm

about 10 to 15

geek_oversize, Apr 5, 7:25 pm

Sign up for the USA one it is about $3 and I read somewhere you can lots more programs than you can with the NZ one

geek_newbie5, Apr 6, 11:04 am

USA Netflix is $8.99usd per month(for most popular plan), a VPN or service such as unblock-us or unotelly(another $3 - $4usd a month) is required to watch it with an ISP without Global Mode. You get to access the whole library with region changing rather than the 1500 or so titles on the NZ one, but the NZ library will increase over time. Netflix usually offers a free trial, so just check it out first I guess.

geek_beserkerang, Apr 6, 11:54 am

Yes,very good advise.

vodafone,they sneaking up price,as,each time they find a excuse to do.

So i bet in 8 months it is higher again than what it is now.

geek_tradenow100, Apr 6, 1:11 pm

yep $10 for use on one device at a time, $13 for two devices with HD content available & $16 for 4 screens with HD & UHD content

geek_monid, Mar 20, 10:04 am

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