Help me somebody?! please

noble6six, Apr 20, 10:28pm
just got a brand new wireless netgear router because my old one that ive had for 3-4 years for some reason closed its NAT. Hooked it up, internets working but my ps3 ps4 keep saying NAT type fail and my cell phone and tablet wont play app games like clash of clans ect. anybody know how to help me? please

noble6six, Apr 20, 11:04pm
can anybody help?

cookee_nz, Apr 20, 11:12pm
Give it time, many of the experts are at work now and not playing games in the middle of the day :-)

suicidemonkey, Apr 20, 11:39pm
You could call the help desk of the router manufacturer.

gazzat22, Apr 20, 11:41pm
Or the retailer you bought it from.

farwest, Apr 21, 3:02am
Or even read the manual.

noble6six, Jan 26, 2:11am
read the manual lol
I work night shift so the morning and afternoon my night

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