Problem Changing default email in Windows 7

Hi there , I have gone from using Thunderbird for email to the new email client Inky . I am still using Thunderbird for some older email addresses but using INKY for my main mail, gmail mutibox etc , it has set up fine , and everything works well, HOWEVER , I cannot seem to "Set email default to Inky" in my Inky settings (even though the click button is there) , as it does nothing. I have tried going into Windows default email settings itself , but Inky does not come up as an email client . I have tried emailing Inky support with no response. Is there a simple way to set Inky as my default email program i am missing. Windows 7 . TIA

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 1:23 pm

never heard of inky so i would be very careful what you change
but as you say in windows default email you might have to enter a url for it to work

geek_newbie5, Feb 19, 1:27 pm

how would one do that , there is no option to add a url even if it would help

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 1:29 pm

I found it on here, lots of good feedback . seems to do what i want it to, but every time i click an email in TM it defaults to my old Thunderbird accounts

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 1:31 pm

Extract from a review
Inky is a long way from being perfect. Not even officially launched yet, the lack of mobile client and the presence of some persistent bugs could make a full transition hard if you rely heavily on email. It's also missing some crucial features such customizable filters and undo send.

geek_lilyfield, Feb 19, 1:34 pm

was that a recent review?

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 2:25 pm

geek_lilyfield, Feb 19, 2:42 pm

still got the problem however. I have now removed all Thunderbird with CCleaner and restarted. Reinstalled Inky , but still can't get it to default emails to it. Still not showing up in the Default Programs list in Win 7 , How can you force windows to find a email client?

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 2:53 pm

why dont you just use gmail instead / No hassles

geek_newbie5, Feb 19, 3:10 pm

This brings all your gmails and other emails together as a multibox with much better filtering and sorting

geek_wendyf, Feb 19, 3:12 pm

Theres two ways to do it, control panel, programs, set default programs, and the other way which should work for you, control panel, programs, set program access and computer defaults, custom drop down.

geek_wayne416, Jul 28, 10:52 pm

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