How to renew your dell warranty online?

dtpapa, Mar 17, 7:22pm
has anyone done this, or is it not allowed for NZ owners?

I ask, because I have tried it, but it won't work for me. My alienware laptop notified me that I needed to renew my warranty. But when I click on the renewal link I keep getting message "there was a problem . please try again later". So I do, but always get same result!

suicidemonkey, Mar 17, 9:23pm
I hope you don't have to pay to renew it. The consumer guarantees act covers you for free.

dtpapa, Mar 17, 10:50pm
the cga covers you even after 1 year?

I've clicked the "request warranty extension" link on the dell site, I don't think it works though. They've never got back to me.

$350 for 1 year onsite is a bit steep!

richardw13, Mar 18, 12:04am
If purchased for personal use the CGA applies. Do a google search on what the cga covers.

gibler, Mar 18, 12:56am
Some Dell warranties can be "no questions asked" warranties . i.e. even if the user has broken it, they will still fix it.

suicidemonkey, Mar 18, 1:24am
Yes on a laptop the CGA covers you for many years. The exact time-frame is vague as it depends on the value of the product. But I'd expect no less than 3 years on a laptop.

dtpapa, Mar 18, 4:43am
hmmm . I just got a $400 quote from dell for a 1 year warranty extension. They told me it was that much because it was a good laptop (I think it was about $2000 at purchase).

dtpapa, May 10, 11:27am
I don't think so, not any more!

these are some of the conditions for 1 year onsite warranty ($400! )

"Battery not covered under this warranty"
"Warranty does not cover for wear & tear & cosmetic issue"
"Warranty does not cover accidental damages (we no longer offer Complete Cover)"

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