HELP me please, have a dos screen error

mr_lovebug, Mar 29, 1:01am

How do I fix this?

Looks like there is a problem with the F drive?


r.g.nixon, Mar 29, 1:23am
Chances are that the drive is dead, but check this thread:

mr_lovebug, Mar 29, 1:26am
Thanks for that thread, I will have a closer look at it now.

mechnificent, Mar 29, 7:59pm
Check it's plug and cable.

lythande1, Mar 30, 12:48am
It's not DOS. DOS was an O/S that hasn't existed since WinXP.
There is a command line, but it sure isn't an o/S itself, nor DOS.

Faulty drive anyway.

skin1235, Mar 30, 2:19am
is F drive a separate drive or a partition on your only drive, it maybe just the mbr is corrupted, easy fix if it is

mrfxit, Mar 30, 2:26am
LOL, dang sure it's not a Windows message.

mr_lovebug, Mar 31, 2:34am
The hard drive is a stand alone hard drive.

Am going to run some tests on the hard drive when I get the spare minute or two.

d.snell, Mar 31, 3:29am
if it's a single hard drive run windows "Disk Management" and clear F drive from there.
i.e from run box, type diskmgmt.msc and press enter

mr_lovebug, Mar 31, 6:23am
thanks for that d.snell

I will try it tomorrow (when I get back to the computer).

skin1235, Mar 31, 6:41am
check it even spins up, would not be the first drive binned because the power cable had shat itself

If it were mine after checking that it does spin up I'd reboot with a linux live disk and check if linux can read it - if it can then the issue is not with the drive, its with the file system on the drive = back to corrupted mbr

I'd do this before clearing or playing with disk management, it can delete the entire drive faster than you can say 'fek I shouldn't have clicked on that'

mr_lovebug, Mar 31, 6:53am
The funny thing is that the drive is reading and writing no problem (to my knowledge).

Still will do some checks on it all.

Thanks for the help guys.

mrfxit, Mar 31, 8:28am
Do you have a bootable copy of "Spinrite6" & any of the Manufactures diagnostic tools.
I have found a few times in the past that simply letting Spinrite check the drive has sometimes been enough to correct the issues even tho Spinrite didn't find any faults

d.snell, Apr 4, 9:59pm
Also, if it's a desktop, you wouldn't have a USB flashdrive accidently left in a USB port?

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