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webworth, Mar 10, 10:18am
I'm very reluctant to remove a memory stick from my camera and then put it back, as I think I've lost some photos in the past by doing that. Transferring individual photos to a desktop without removing the memory stick hasn't been a problem but now I want to do the same thing to a tablet. A direct transfer doesn't seem possible but is there something (small and light for travel) I can move chosen photos to and from there into the tablet? Thanks.

mazdasix, Mar 10, 10:21am
No. If you've lost photos by removing the memory stick in the past, the memory stick is faulty. They are made to be removed and reinserted thousands of times.

flower_tears, Mar 10, 12:43pm
What sort of "tablet" do you have?. With most android tablets you can connect your camera directly to the tablet, although you may need an extra OTG cable if the tablet doesn't have full-size USB port.

webworth, Mar 11, 7:57am
It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 which doesn't have any sockets as big as the one I used on a desktop.

rz_zone, Mar 11, 8:03am
I use this app on my phone, works well.
Both device need to be on same wifi.
You can download whole folder, or individual file you want.,ssl&ei=56T-VP_CE47x8gXhroDIAw

rz_zone, Mar 11, 9:59am
Airdroid is also great and can do more.

Heaps of tutorials on youtube.

webworth, Mar 11, 10:09am
Thanks for those links but I can't see any mention there of getting the photos from a camera. They seem to be dealing only with photos which have been taken using the tablet or transferring photo files between computers, tablets, etc. The photos I want to move are in a Canon EOS digital camera.

mikep, Mar 11, 10:33am
The Galaxy Pro has a slot for a Micro SD card - if the camera uses one of those then problem solved. However most use the full-size ones.

Apparently there is such a thing as a mini USB to Sd card adapter - you could look into that.

Otherwise it looks like you'd have to do it via a computer with a card reader.

flower_tears, Mar 11, 11:38am
Yes, that's why I was referring to the OTG cable, it's a short cable that convert the full USB plug (the big one that usually goes into your desktop) to fit the tiny port on your tablet, something like listing#: 856252805 will do the job.

rona1, Mar 11, 7:12pm
My camera has the standard sc card slot. But I dont use the standard card, I use the mini card slipped into an adapter so then I can take it out of camera and put just the mini card into my Galaxy 10.1 tablet. Have dont it many times, no problems. The only thing is I havent figured out how to make them stay in the tablet after the card is returned to the camera.

wizzkid, Mar 11, 7:17pm
You could send the photos on your camera to dropbox and then view them on your tablet, or your pc or any other pc, laptop or tablet. Then your photos will always be safe.

_drdee_, Mar 11, 10:16pm
Buy an OTG cable for about $2, then you can plug in a USB hard drive, card reader with a cheap SD or standard flash drive (which you probably have lying around anyway) to transfer the photos too.

I brought a USB flash drive that has normal USB at one end and OTG (mini-USB) at the other. Perfect for extra storage or transferring files.
Was about $20 for 16GB, like this:

OTG is just so handy.

Or the free option (if you do it over your home wifi) is to install dropbox/drive on the tablet and your home PC so they sync the files between each other.

webworth, Mar 11, 11:03pm
I'm easily confused by technology, but am wondering if you are describing the procedure for transferring photo files from a tablet? What I want to do is take photos direct from a 35mm camera to a tablet, without having to remove the memory card. The same as can be done from camera to desktop.

flower_tears, Mar 12, 4:27am
You got 3 votes for OTG cable so far :)

lucky.gadgets, Mar 12, 6:14am
Connect them together wirelessly using bluetooth, most devices have it built in. No extra cables or devices required.

emmerson1, Mar 12, 9:05am
Get a USB OTG adapter. Plug it into your tablet.

Connect your USB cable to the camera (the same one you use to connect it to your PC), and plug that into the USB/OTG adapter.

Turn the camera on if it doesn't appear on the tablet automatically.

Open a file manager application, find the photos on the camera, and copy them to the tablet's memory.

p.s. Even though it looks like a 35mm camera, it is not.

webworth, Mar 12, 11:40pm
Thankyou emmerson, that sounds as if it's exactly what I need. Before seeing your post I've been out this morning to buy an OTG as recommended by earlier posters. However, as soon as I saw the packaging I realised that I'd already seen them and given them a miss because they required that the memory card be removed from the camera. This time, in desperation, I bought one - an OTG Hub for Android Devices. Is this the same/similar to the ÜSB OTG adaptor" you refer to above?

hens, Mar 16, 5:47am
I have dropbox installed and all my phone camera photos go to dropbox which i have both on my samsung tablet and also on my desktop. I can view them on all three as all are linked . Never had a problem. Am not a computer wizard but a bit more than a beginner and was easy.

emmerson1, Mar 16, 10:23am
If the hub has a regular USB socket on it, then it should work.

webworth, Mar 16, 10:32am
I leave in the morning for 3 months in Spain, still with the problem unsolved, but I'll follow up your dropbox suggestion on my return. Muchas gracias!

flower_tears, May 14, 9:30pm
Just wondering if you followed the link in post#15!

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