Good Job Microsoft!

geek_nzoomed, Jun 16, 10:12 am

About time.

geek_momona, Jun 16, 10:27 am

"all but the most recent version of the Ask Toolbar will be classified as unwanted software."

Wonder whats special about the latest version?

geek_king1, Jun 16, 10:31 am

Microsoft need to take a note also on its adware for windows 10 it sent to users of win7 and 8 if you have auto updates on

geek_sred69, Jun 16, 3:52 pm

Google translation: "It's recent, so it'll be classified as a 0day, and we all know our software won't be able to detect it" lol.

geek_lostdude, Jun 16, 4:44 pm

geek_sred69, Jun 16, 8:16 pm

There really are bigger problems in the world to get all angry about.

geek_king1, Jun 16, 9:05 pm

You will be complaining about your cars maker putting their name or emblem on the center of its steering wheel next.

geek_wayne416, Jun 16, 9:17 pm

Yeah i was wondering that too.

Ask claim that the microsoft definitions only affect 1% of the ask userbase!
I think that is total BS, but there must be something different enough for Microsoft to not add it to the defs.

IMO it should be classed as a PUP.

geek_nzoomed, Aug 14, 4:23 am

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