Amazing helpful site:

bantamus, Feb 28, 5:51am
Cannot rave more highly about this for ANYONE stuck with any technology

or just go to and have a look at the huge range of topics, from beginners tutorials to more advanced .

black-heart, Feb 28, 6:31am
Meh, more likely to find better material with google.

bantamus, Mar 3, 5:20am
personal choice, we use it widely though in the OAC environment and find it a very useful and easy site for clients to use and unbiased.

dvince, Mar 3, 5:36am
Bookmarked, cheers.

cookee_nz, Jun 20, 10:02am
I'd be inclined to disagree on this, yes google can be your friend but also a colossal time-waster when you get links to info that is irrelevant or down-right wrong. It is very easy to create a highly professional-looking site full of BS - just look at 'reviews' for various malware products, pc-boosters etc. Not everyone is a google guru and just a slight change of wording can give you completely different (and opposing) results. When someone takes the time to post a very specific link and saves us the vagaries of a random google search it can save a lot of time. Thanks to the OP. Black-heart, care to share some of the links you have found for similar info?

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