Looking for a USB 3.0 hub.

trade_menow, Mar 2, 5:31am
you didnt look hard did you - type in usb 3.0 hub in the search bar and change to the computers category and you'll find lots

vtecintegra, Mar 2, 5:32am
So get one that has more than one USB 3 port. Plenty available even on Trademe

trade_menow, Mar 2, 6:35am
perhaps to extend the port - not everyone likes extension cables everywhere

gyrogearloose, Mar 2, 6:45am
Because it gives you 5 x USB 2.0 ports which you didn't have before, without losing the USB 3.0 port on the computer. This is ideal for people with lots of USB 2.0 devices such as mice, keyboards, cameras, USB sticks.

flower_tears, Mar 2, 9:14pm
I think OPs question about the point of:
USB 3.0 <===> 5xUSB 2.0 vs USB 2.0 <===> 5xUSB 2.0
which I couldn't figure out either

gyrogearloose, Mar 3, 8:14am
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 only has a single full size USB 3.0 port. Can you explain why you think this is very bizarre?

gyrogearloose, Jun 21, 3:54pm
I'll have a second go at answering this.

The USB 1 standard couldn't supply a lot of power, so external enclosures always needs an external power supply. When USB 2 launched there were special double headed cables, and you couldn't use a USB 1 cable to charge phones. Newer disk drives consumed less power so any short USB 2 cable works, but you still wouldn't run an unpowered USB 2 4-port hub and then connect 4 unpowered USB external disk drives in a RAID-5 array because the USB 2 port on the computer won't be able to supply enough power for very long.

My assertion is that a USB 3 hub with 5 x USB 2 ports such as you have described in the original post vastly increases the power available without requiring an external power supply. It is a feature of the USB 3 specification that the USB 2 wires are completely separate to the USB 3 wires - look at any USB 3 cable or plug - and that the data communications are also completely separate. The USB 3 specification states that if USB 3 communication is not enabled, you can still draw 1.5 Amps for battery charging.

Therefore, I assert that the USB 3 hub with 5 x USB 2 ports, should be capable of supplying at least 1.5 Amps across the USB 2 ports on the hub, therefore providing a larger capacity for charging attached devices such as tablets and phones or for running a RAID-5 array. My opinion is that the fine print will warn you can't use USB 3 communication at the same time.

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