Hotmail sign in refresh my memory plz

bantamus, Mar 4, 11:25am
l am trying to sign into an older hotmail account; when l sign in it keeps going to the account information page not inbox. any clues how l can get to inbox ? cant remember or find it. thanks in advance.

smoothjazz, Mar 4, 5:16pm does not exist anymore, you can login to your inbox through instead, just make sure to include the bit with your Username.

bantamus, Mar 4, 9:24pm
l know thanks . just goes to outlook anyway , will try and figure the problem out, there is a simple way, just cannot remember it

cookee_nz, Mar 4, 11:32pm
Just tried it with my rarely used hotmail account, logged straight into my inbox and folders no problem. Perhaps try with a different browser than your normal one in case it's a cached setting or similar? hth

cookee_nz, Jun 17, 3:52pm
Upate - if I use it goes straight to my account page and there is no apparent link to go to mail from there. But if I use and let it redirect it takes me here. - perhaps try that?

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