Help! Vid conventer prompt won't go away!

jaide, May 17, 1:59am
See pic - rebooting didn't help and it keeps popping up on my screen repeatedly!

tryko, May 17, 2:55am
Press windows key and R and type in msconfig then press the startup option and see if you can identify it in there and take the checkmark out and restart the computer .

king1, May 17, 4:19am

jaide, May 17, 4:54am
This the pop up I keep getting and it seems to be only affecting firefox as I'm using Chrome with no issues. I prefer to use firefox so would like this sorted:

tryko, May 17, 5:03am
If you want to keep it and install it just click ok if you don??

jaide, May 17, 5:07am
I tried that, the pop up keeps jumping up constantly anyway.

jaide, May 17, 5:22am
Didn't work.

tryko, May 17, 5:29am

Add blocker for firefox install and try this

jaide, May 17, 5:32am
I've already got that on both firefox and chrome.

tryko, May 17, 5:39am
Do a google about your problem it may help you there

mark.52, May 17, 5:39am
What antivirus are you using?

If you go to "programs and features" (via the control panel) and open it, is there an entry for the video converter there?

king1, May 17, 5:58am
try malwarebytes then.
I presume you 'cleaned' after the 'scan'.

also have a look in the addons/extensions and uninstall any dodgy looking ones

king1, May 17, 6:00am
the browser isn't set to open the last opened pages on startup is it?

jaide, May 17, 6:28am
Yes I did scan and fix problems and reboot with the first programme, but it was still there. This one found 4x pop ups which set my AVP haywire as they tried to remove them too. But the pop up is still there! :( and yes, I did delete them and rebooted as this programme does but it still came back.

jaide, May 17, 6:29am
Nothing dodgy and nothing new added, I have very few.

jaide, May 17, 6:31am
Avira and AVG, no new programmes added - that was the first thing I checked. Nothing running on start up that shouldn't be either.

king1, May 17, 7:00am
You should only have one AV installed.

king1, May 17, 7:08am

jaide, May 17, 7:42am
Didn't need to, it's stopped - weird.

king1, May 17, 8:05am
Your welcome

mark.52, Nov 13, 3:18am
This is important.
Uninstall one of them.

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