Moto E

billyfieldman, Mar 26, 11:22am
Is the Moto E the best Android smartphone for around the $150 range?

rz_zone, Mar 26, 10:30pm
Ok for basic use. But if you're going to install lots of apps, than thats when it becomes a problem. As some apps cannot be move to sd card.
Save up for a Moto G2, usually on sale at $249.

_drdee_, Mar 27, 3:28am
+1, worth the extra money.

oclaf, Apr 13, 9:21am
Another vote for the Moto G2, for the price, it's an excellent phone. Get one of those flip cases to give the screen some protection though. I cracked mine in less than a week with only a minor knock. I suspect the two cut out sections in the screen weaken it.

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