Microsoft Publisher/computer issue

blue35, Mar 9, 6:07am
Hi All, I have received an email with a Publisher file attached that I cannot open.
Upon trying to open the file, I get a message saying I need to get the Publisher program with Microsoft Office 2010, then it leaves me with the pop up to buy it etc.
Now, I already have Microsoft Office 2010 and can also open the Publisher program, it just seems that the emailed file does not/cannot detect it.
I saved the file to the computer and then tried it again, but no difference.

Any thoughts on a fix?

Computer is a HP 200-5160a running Windows 7


gsimpson, Mar 9, 6:09am
Libreoffice can open publisher files. Free download.

d.snell, Mar 9, 6:35am
I would have thought that it would be trying sell you Publisher 2013, not 2010? It also depends on what ver of Office 2010 you have, as Publisher is only included in the full Professional version, not the home or student versions. But, if say you can open a .pub file, then it's possible the file you have been sent is corrupt. I'm not sure that 2010 can open 2013 files? I know earlier ver of publisher had forward compatibility issues and earlier versions couldn't open files created on later versions.

r.g.nixon, Mar 9, 6:35am
Upload it to - they have so many conversion options that Publisher is likely to be available. Convert to PDF.

gyrogearloose, Mar 9, 6:37am
Open Microsoft publisher, and then use the File, Open function to open the file from where you saved it. If the file doesn't open, or isn't a .PUB file, then perhaps it's a trick and not a valid file.

blue35, Mar 9, 7:00am
Sorry, should have said what version I had, it is the professional. I think the 2010 prompt is from when the computer was new? Just double checked the file properties to confirm it is a Pub file, and it is. But while in there, had a look at what other file options were available to open it and reselected the Publisher option, this must have forced it to acknowledge it because I can now open it.


blue35, Mar 9, 7:01am
Thanks, this pointed me in the right direction as posted above.


blue35, Jun 5, 11:19am
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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