LOL, Latest TM glitch

mrfxit, May 1, 2:38am
Did a refresh & this is what happened.
Another refresh fixed it fine & new tabs of tm are ok

wayne416, May 1, 3:43am
Get that sometimes using dialup, page doesn't quite fully load. Happened to a friend a few times the other week when Vodafone where having problems.

mrfxit, May 1, 4:52am
Mine stayed that way until I refreshed again about 10 minutes later
We have fiber BB here

suicidemonkey, May 1, 5:53am
I get that sometimes on various websites when my internet is particularly slow. Page hasn't loaded fully. Not really a TM glitch.

mrfxit, May 1, 6:23am
Shouldn't be possible on fiber BB & nothing else was even hinting about slowness.
Was corrected ok with another refresh.
I only seem to get stuff like this from TM, no other sites do that specific trick for me.

king1, Dec 20, 10:03am
where are you sourcing the MS software you have for sale - seems odd to be doing a 1$ reserve for such a thing.
Last I heard Office 365 anything is a subscription not a one-off purchase

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