Help with Excell please

toenails, Mar 28, 5:38am
Help with Excell please, I don't know what I have done, but new page grids are filled with a nasty brown. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it but nothing works. Can someone enlighten me please? Ezcel 2007

skin1235, Mar 28, 6:01am
open it again, click on any of the cells, look at the fill botton, what colour shows

if the entire page is brown, click the extreme to left axis top corner, thats the small square above the "1" and to the left of "A", the whole page becomes selected, now go to the fill button and click the down arrow just beside it and select the colour you want

skin1235, Mar 28, 6:05am
fill button in in the home menu, second box across, looks like a paint tin on its side, just to the left of the "A" with a red bar under it, if you click directly on the paint tin it then fills all grids with the selected colour showing, you click the small arrow beside it and select "no fill" second from the bottom

eurekarika, Mar 28, 6:45am
Sounds like it has turned to sh*t!

lostdude, Apr 13, 9:20pm
??? Close Excel
??? Open Windows Explorer (Win Key + E)
??? Copy and paste this into the address bar and press Enter:


(Remove the dash so it spells XLSTART - this stupid board adds it)

??? Delete Sheet.xlt/xltx/xltm & Book.xlt/xltx/xltm
??? Open Excel

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