Windows update has shitzoodled the look

geek_4pc, Feb 12, 5:12 am
of pages I am browsing in Chrome and IE. How come?

Wonder if there will be some patch in a couple of days time.

geek_cookee_nz, Feb 12, 7:15 am
'Shitzoodled', ? another absolutely perfect description that everyone of us understands and knows exactly how to help. Set the Frango into level 4 diagnostics, flush the hooflaang buffer and if it's got the farengi abstoflacker, you need to flahflah exactly at the ID Ten/t feedback sprocket, (unless it's towed the wet v2). That should reverse the shitzoodled alienation refractor out of the annoying replicator mode. I just hate it when it does that.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 12, 7:29 am
No it wouldn't change Chrome, but I can understand it changing internet Exploder.

geek_4pc, Feb 12, 9:26 am
It has changed how many things are looking in Chrome, as that is what I usually use. That includes how TradeMe is looking. The font is slightly smaller and seems more pixelated .

The only reason I looked at IE was to see whether it also looks a little weird.

The overall look is a little like when you run in safe mode. the sizes a bit wrong and it doesn't look as sharp. The smaller font is REALLY annoying.

geek_wayne416, Feb 12, 9:41 am
Right click on desktop, screen resolution and adjust there.

geek_cleggyboy, Feb 12, 8:44 pm
My computer was a real pain this morning after 13 updates came through yesterday evening, I was about to do a System Restore when I noticed one single update came this morning I installed that and all is good again.
I wish Windows would get it right the first time instead of stuffing up everyone's machines. Some do have work to do rather than mess around trying to sort it.

geek_lilyfield, Aug 18, 10:58 pm
my updates have had no effect on anything that I noticed

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