HP Dv6 I7 - 3 years old. Randomly shuts down.

ilottl, May 17, 7:11am
Ok, We have a Dv6 which randomly shuts down, fan always runs hot but has started to turn itself off (mainly when on the internet)

1. Cleaned vents
2. Mem test
3. HDD test

No known issues at the moment. It was working well but.

Any suggestions on diagnosing?

ashdyson, May 17, 7:13am
It's common for that model ours done the same

ilottl, May 17, 7:21am
So what did you do?

cookee_nz, May 17, 7:36am
try bios update before anything else, otherwise may need thermal module replaced

king1, Nov 14, 9:26am
This would suggest it is cpu might be running high. use task manager and see what the CPU load is 'when on the internet'

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