Keyboard not being recognised

Some times on my pc the light goes out on my keyboard and is non responsive.
I thought my keyboard had died, and l got a new one but it is happening again.
It does not happen every day about 3-4 days a week.

Avirus?, any ideas?

geek_susievb, Jul 5, 7:31 pm

definitely not a virus so put your mind at ease on that one

a question is needed, is this a corded keyboard or a wireless one

if corded I'd suspect the connection on the PC has been pulled and probably broken a solder joint ( on the MB ) this can be fixed - at home if you can identify where the issue is and can use a small soldering iron, or at most computer repair shops, although it may be cheaper to replace the computer

geek_skin1235, Jul 5, 7:57 pm

Ok thanks or that.

geek_susievb, Jul 5, 9:44 pm

Have you tried another port?

geek_christin, Jun 19, 3:21 am

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