Guy with laptop trawling the street - hacking?

motordewd, Apr 11, 6:02am
We've noticed a guy walking our street with a lap top on and off lately. We are secured as far as I know. They'd need our password to use our VDSL. But can they hack in or do anything else using a lap top out on the street. It doesn't look kosher and I'm hoping they're just looking for unsecured internet connections. But it does make you feel a little paranoid.

michellew2k, Apr 11, 6:03am
if they were looking for unsecured networks they could use a cellphone and look less suspicious. Perhaps they are using GPS and doing a project of some sort? why not ask him next time you spy him out your window lol

motordewd, Apr 11, 6:15am
True - but if they're up to no good they are hardly going to tell you. Just talking to neighbours and they've seen four guys doing similar in high viz jackets, getting into an unmarked ute. So who knows. Don't care as long as we are not under any threat in the neighbourhood.

wayne416, Apr 11, 6:22am
If it was Christchurch i wouldn't worry about it, use to see it a lot after earthquakes.

loose.unit8, Apr 11, 6:23am
To do it so out in the open you'd assume it was legitimate

meoldchina, Apr 11, 6:57am
I have noticed similar activity in Nelson and it's Chorus preparing to install fast broadband.

deodar1, Feb 27, 9:59pm
Aha trawling for Lapdancers.Just about everyone has a Laptop, you for
instance,sit down &chill out,then hold your coffee on your lap top.

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