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Hi. My Dell laptop is not charging and I have been told it will be 2 weeks for a part to arrive to fix it. The part connects to the mother board apparently. In the meantime I need to access the hard drive so how do I go about connect the drive to my new laptop? I had someone do it for me a few years ago but I need to know if it is just a matter of just putting it into a case and plugging into a USB port. The man at the repair shop tried to tell me it can't be done. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence! Thanks.

geek_cromergy, Mar 17, 2:59 pm

Yes it is. Take the laptop to another "repair shop man".

geek_schizoid, Mar 17, 4:46 pm

Thanks. Any recommendations for Hamilton?

geek_cromergy, Mar 17, 5:06 pm

You can purchase a laptop HDD carrier quite cheap and simply install your laptop HDD in it and plug the USB end into any laptop / PC to read your files.

You must I.D the HDD connection as SATA or IDE. refer link pic

Good luck

geek_ceebee2, Mar 17, 5:13 pm

That sounds a bit tricky for me. Thanks though. I don't want to compromise any data so I think I need a tech person just to be safe. Can anyone recommend a Hamilton tech?

geek_cromergy, Mar 17, 9:13 pm

no, it really isn't. All you need is a screwdriver, pop the hard drive out of the laptop. Connect the hard drve to the external case/connector you've just bought. plug it into your PC via USB. Done.

As far as fixing your old laptop goes, it should be a simple job with a new connector (which come pretty cheap) and a soldering iron. Either your "computer tech" is extremely busy, thus the 2 weeks, or is a drop kick. I suspect the latter.

geek_schizoid, Mar 17, 9:59 pm

Thanks. I suspect the latter too.

geek_cromergy, Mar 18, 11:17 am

Most laptops manufactured in this decade won't even require soldering.

geek_lostdude, Mar 18, 12:49 pm

something like this is what you need, presuming your HDD is SATA, which if it is anything less than about 8 years old it will be.

geek_schizoid, Mar 18, 12:52 pm

Thanks. Problem fixed with a trip to PB Tech. Should have gone there in the 1st place. The 1st Tech tried to claim that if I took it anywhere else it would be sent to them to fix anyway ie they are the only repair business in Hamilton. Must have thought I was pretty gullible!

geek_cromergy, May 8, 4:24 pm

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